2008-07-02 :
0.9.3-4 has been released.

[ Milestones ]

ver 0.9: 
Task Group, Task Group Recipe, etc.
ver 1.0: 
Stable version.



Tugboat.GTD is a WEB application made GTD (New-Type Task Management System) which David Allen proposes to a base.

[ Functions ]

  1. Task

    GTD 5 Steps

    • Step1 - Collect: Tugboat.GTD starts with off-loading what needs to get done from one's head,capturing everything that is necessary to track, remember, or act on in what Allen calls a bucket: a physical inbox, an email inbox, a tape recorder, a notebook, a PDA, or any combination of these.
    • Step2 - Process: You dispatch tasks in "Today folder","Week folder","Hold folder","Someday folder". You turn on the unnecessary task to "Trash".
    • Step3 - Organize: The “organize”-stage is not really implementation-specific.
    • Step4 - Review: You confirm today's tasks.
    • Step5 - Do: You processes To-Dos in the Today folder.

  2. Meeting

    Meeting function implements 'Agenda driven meeting'. In the Meeting can register To-Dos.

  3. Time line

    You can look at working histories.

  4. Activity

    You can register any custom activities.

  5. Search